2009 - 2011 RX8 Gauge Pod - Complete Install

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Installation Complete

Before cleaning up and putting everything away, lets make sure that the install went according to plan.  You will first need to refill your engine oil, as well as the engine coolant.  Next, turn the car onto ACC mode and lets check to see if the gauges come on

If all went well, lets fire the car up and check the reading of the gauges (dont mind the middle gauge in the video below, this was before I had the adapter for the oil temperature)

Take note, that you are not going to see the water temperature immediately as the upper radiator hose only gets a flow of water when the thermometer opens up.  If this is the first time you are turning the car on after the coolant refill this is the best time to test the gauge.  Turn the heater on full blast so that the coolant flows through the entire HVAC system.  Eventually the thermometer will open and you should see the water temp start to read the temp.


Going the Extra Mile

The Halo series of the gauges come with a small remote that is used to set the peak, warning, sound, dimming, and the backlighting of the gauges.  One could easily cut a small notch into each of the gauge pod holes to fit the wires through, and tape (provided) the remotes to the side of each gauge, however, I wanted something more stealth.

This requires a bit of work as you need to extend the wires to the remote harness, and fish them through the dash down to the ashtray.