F36 Rear Fog Light

  • Before You Get Started...

    • Small pry tool
    • ENET Cable & Coding Software

  • Did You Know?

    I surely didn't at first, but under the US fog light button (if you have the option) is what looks like a simple dummy "cover" where the rear fog light button is on Eurospec models. After doing some research on the Bimmerfest forums, I actually learned that a few easy tweaks can make what I thought was a simple cover, a full functioning button

  • Small Tweaks To Make The Button Work Physically

    First, locate the blank button under the fog light button

    Grab a pry tool, and gently pry out the button. It doesn't take much force.

    As you can see, it isn't just a cover :)

    This mod is incredibly easy, but requires some trimming of the little 'tabs' on the button itself. There are two on the top side, and a single one on the bottom side. These tabs are what are keeping the button from being tactile.

    I started by taking a sharp box cutter and scoring the tab

    At this point, you can try to continue cutting with a blade to get the tabs off, grab a dremel, or a small flathead screwdriver. Again, it doesn't take much to get these tabs off.

    Once you have cleaned the tabs up, go ahead and reinsert the button, and you should now have a tactile button. You will notice that while the button is tactile, it isn't actually doing anything. At this point, we will need to code the button.

  • Coding, and Final Results

    The Final step in the process is to break out your coding software and make the following tweaks. Note, that I am not going to go into detail on how to code the car or where to get the coding software. A little digging will get you exactly what you need :).

    ECU Module Option Default New Value
    FEM_BODY 3060 NSL_Verbaut nicht_verbaut Verbaut
    REM 3063 Mapping_Nebelschlussl_L_output off nsl_l
    REM 3063 Mapping_Nebelschlussl_R_output off nsl_l



    Another Before Angle

    And an after...