Using Google Sketchup

  • Introduction

    Working on the RxDuino has taken me along many paths that I haven't been before, and one of them was a consideration for fabricating my own enclosure. After ordering some enclosures that were generic, and finding out that they didn't fit, I decided to see what options were available to create my own enclosure. This turned me on to a product that I never heard of before, Google SketchUp.

    • Google Sketchup -

  • Getting Started

    After downloading and installing the application, you are going to be asked to use a template. I decided on the metric system because most of the other applications I use also use the metric system in their measuremets.

    The first thing we are going to do is practice drawing a simple box to get familiar with the tools. Select the "Rectangle" tool from the toolbox, . Once the tool is selected, you will start by clicking the origin of the drawing plane, and you will be in control of drawing a box.

    Now you can manually drag out the dimensions of the box, or if you know exactly what dimensions you will be using, you can start typing in the numbers and they will fill in the dimensions box

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