Tuner Log Graph

Supported File Types
COBB Accessport Logs Versatuner Logs Torque Logs MazdaEdit DashCommand
CSV, Comma Separated
XLSX, MS Excel 2007
CSV, Comma Separated
VTLOG, VersaTuner Log
CSV, Comma Separated CSV, Comma Separated Work In Progress
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Custom Title

Advanced Graphing
Scaling Options
RPM ScalingAs Logged1/101/100
AFR ScalingAs LoggedEquivalence (Lambda)Ratio (:1)

Custom Display Options
MAF Flow RateDefaultVisibleHidden
MAF VoltageDefaultVisibleHidden
Air-Fuel RatioDefaultVisibleHidden
Long Term TrimDefaultVisibleHidden
Short Term TrimDefaultVisibleHidden
Engine LoadDefaultVisibleHidden
  • Can I load any file?
  • Only the files listed in the 'Supported File Type' table at the top of the page are supported. More files may be supported in the future, but at this time only the more common file types that are used by RX8 logs are supported.

  • How do I load data into the graph?
  • Use the file entry form above the graph to select a supported file from your system. Once selected, simply click on the 'Submit' button to send the request to the server. The server will process your data, and display the results on the graph. It's that easy!

  • How can I zoom in on my results?
  • Zooming is supported in both the X and Y directions. Simply click your mouse in the graph and draw a "square" on the area you would like to zoom in on. You can return to an unzoomed graph at any time.

  • What if I want to share my graph?
  • The graph has a menu button at the top right corner. Once you click the menu button, you will be given the option to save the graph to various image formats.

  • I'm having some trouble displaying data, what gives!?
  • Remember, this is a work in progress, so expect some bugs. If you would like to help out, please send me your log file along with a blurb about what the issue is, and I will work on implementing a fix!

  • I want to see more parameters!
  • For now I only display the more common params for quick debugging of your data. As development progresses the intent is to implement an option to allow you to filter what data points will be displayed. Stay tuned!

  • Why am I getting an error about my log being too big?
  • For security purposes, the log file is limited to a total of 1000 lines. This should typically be enough to display parameters of a run, however if you have logged over a long period of time you may exceed the limits. An update has been made to this app to allow you to truncate the amount of data dynamically.