RxDuino Dual CANBUS Shield

  • Introduction

    When I was in the process of researching and designing the RxDuino, I came across many designs of Arduino 'shields' that were used to interpret CANBUS data, however they all had one thing missing, and that was they only supported a single bus. Many automobiles have more than one CANBUS; A high speed CANBUS is used for critical messages passed along the vehicle's network, and a low speed CANBUS is used for lower priority messages.

    There are some devices that solely communicate with one BUS, and that is generally to read information and display it on the device itself, or on a PC. In these application's, the developer can initialize the logic, and just sit and read data, however, what if the user needs to read from one bus, and submit messages on to the other bus?

    The following page will discuss a shield that was designed using existing CANBUS based sheilds as well as provide downloads and documentation for users to recreate and execute the design.

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  • Schematic

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  • Information

    This project essentially takes the existing CANBUS shield designed by SPKang and expands on it by adding a second CANBUS controller and interpreter. The second canbus controller is controlled by another SPI enable and receives data from the same RX and TX pins. What has also been incorporated is an extra set of MSCANHI and MSCANLO pins in the DB9 connector.

  • Download

    Download the eagle files here! - Eagle Schematic and Board