2009 - 2011 RX8 UIM Removal

  • Removing 2009-2011 RX8 Upper Intake Manifold

    Recently I was having issues with my RX8 with fluttering at the top end of the RPM band. As part of my diagnosis, I wanted to make sure that there was no issue with the SSV or APV actuator. To do this, I needed to remove the UIM so that I could have easy access. The following is documented to help users remove the UIM for diagnosis or replacement.

  • Required Tools

    There are a few tools required to be able to do this job successfully.

    • Ratchet and various metric sized sockets (from 10mm - 14mm)
    • Universal Joint (i.e. 'wobble socket')
    • Ratchet extensions
    • Pliers (needle nose is best)

  • Remove the Strut Bar

    Before you can start accessing anything, you must remove the OEM strut bar. The 2009-2011 RX8 has a strut bar that not only connects at each of the front struts, but also at the vehicle's firewall. You will need to remove the two nuts securing the strut bar to each strut tower, and then remove the two smaller nuts that are securing the strut bar to the firewall itself. Please note that the strut bar is actually bolted to a panel that is connected to the firewall, you want to remove this panel completely or you will not be able to access the bolts in the rear of the UIM. The nuts are circled in RED.

  • Removing The Throttle Body

    The first step in removing the UIM is to start by removing the throttlebody and air intake. My car was no longer equipped with the OEM intake box at the time of this tutorial, so I did not document the removal. The stock box is quite easy to remove, and there are instructions like this one from Racing Beat that can be followed.

    Once the intake is removed, you will have full access to the throttle body. I find that it is easier to unscrew the throttlebody from the UIM and just slide it aside than to completely remove it so that you do not have to worry about coolant leaking from the throttle body. To do this, lets start by disconnecting the throttle body harness.

    Now that the harness is disconnected, we can start to unbolt the throttle body from the UIM. I find that it is far easier to use a universal joint to get to all bolts, but not necessary. If possible, use extensions.