2009 - 2011 RX8 Shock Sensor

  • Installing Mazda Shock Sensor

    There are few available options provided by Mazda to help deter theft of the vehicle and its contents. Along with a 'chipped' ignition key, there are also options for a Mazda OEM shock sensor to be installed. This device can be installed either by the dealer, or at home with a few tools. With this installed in the vehicle, the user can dial in the sensitivity in which the alarm will be triggered should the vehicle experience a shock or rocking.

    There are currently instructions bundled with the OEM shock sensor, however these instructions are only geared towards the installation on a series 1 (2003-2008) RX8. The wiring has changed a little bit between the two generations, and one wire in particular would prevent the shock sensor from operating properly if the bundled instructions are used. Please be aware that this will NOT work for those with the advanced key.

  • Required Tools

    There are a few tools required to be able to do this job successfully.

    • Mazda OEM Shock Sensor
    • Wire Cutters
    • Pliers