F3x N5x Spark Plug Change

  • Before You Get Started...

    • 3/8 Ratchet
    • 3/8 Torque Wrench
    • 1/2 Breaker Bar
    • 3/8 14mm Spark Plug Socket
    • A few different extensions will help you reach the plugs
    • 10mm Socket
    • Torx T25
    • External Torx E20
    • Anti Seize
    • And a set of Spark Plugs. OEM spec is preferred which can be found on Amazon: Part Bosch ZR5TPP33S

  • Pop The Hood, And Remove The Plastic Bits

    The first step in this process is pretty simple. We will be popping the hood and removing the engine cover. I unfortunately didn't take a picture of this part but its as easy as pulling the cover right off. It is held on by a few grommets.

  • Removing The Windshield Cowl

    The next step is to go ahead and to remove the cowl so that we can get our hands on the last two spark plugs. The cowl is easy to remove and can be done by undoing 6 total plastic locks. Note that you only have to give them a quarter turn to unlock.

    Next, go ahead and remove the rubber strip that sits on the cowl underneath the strut bar. Be aware that there is a wire that is sleeved through.

  • Moving The O2 Sensor Bracket Out of The Way

    So that we have more room to work, we are going to remove the O2 sensor harness bracket out of the way. We can do this with a T25 torx bit. Note, you should be able to just move the harness bracket aside without disconnecting the harnesses.

  • Strut Bar Goes Bye Bye

    Grab the E20 external torx that was in the requirements, as well as a breaker bar so that you can break free the bolts that are holding the strut bar in place. There is one bolt on each shock tower that is holding the bar down.

    At the top middle, you will need to reach underneath the cowl to push out the circular covers that are hiding the last two bolts that are holding the top part of the strut bar down. You can either reach from underneath and pop the covers out, or if you have a pick tool, you can remove them that way as well.

  • Another Cowl!?

    There is one last cowl to remove that was sitting under the strut bar. This can be removed with about 8 10mm bolts.

    With that last plastic cowl removed, you should have plenty of room to remove the last foam engine cover as well as enough room to get a reach at every plug coil.

  • Removing The Spark Plug Coils

    Now with everything out of the way, you should be able to see all six spark plug coils. Removing them is actually quite easy, although a little tough on the fingers if you dont wear some gloves.

    The coils have their harnesses clipped into place. The clips sit on top of the coil, and can be gently pulled upwards.

    As you start to pull the clip up, you will notice that the harness will start to slide outwards.

    Eventually you will get the clip opened to about 90 degrees which will allow for the harness to come right out. Gently pull the harness away.

    Finally, you can do one of two things to get the coils out. You can either slip your finger into the clip and start pulling upwards, or, if it is putting too much stress on your fingers, slide one of the socket extensions through, and use it as a T to help pull the coil out.

    With the coil out, go ahead and start working out the spark plug. I actually had to use two extensions to get comfortably to the spark plug. Gently back out the spark plug.

    At this point, there isn't too much left in the job. Once the plug is out, go ahead and start installing the new plug. Make sure to apply some anti-seize on the threads and then tighten each plug down to 17 ft/lbs

    Once all plugs are done, you can reverse all of the steps that you took to disassemble. Take note that when installing the strut bar, each nut should be tightened down to 41 ft/lbs