RX8 Polyurethane Motor Mounts

  • Polyurethane Filled RX8 Motor Mounts

    Unfortunately, the RX8 aftermarket doesn't have many options for strong motor mounts to replace the damage prone OEM mounts. Many owners of older RX8's have had issues where their motor mounts failed causing heavy vibration and undrivable conditions. This custom solution is taken from a member of the RX8 community and is a bulletproof solution to reinforcing OEM mounts.

  • Required Tools

    There are a few tools required to be able to do this job successfully.

    • 80A Urethane - http://www.mcmaster.com/#liquid-urethane/=it79vu
    • 1/4" Drill Bit
    • 1 1/4" Hole Saw
    • Brake Cleaner
    • Sharp Knife