2009 - 2011 RX8 Syncro Saver

  • Installing the RX8 Syncro Saver

    The RX8 is equipped with a direct shift linkage to the transmission. What this means is that the shifter is sitting directly on the transmission, and doesn't use any rods or cables to perform the shifting tasks. This allows for a far stronger feel of the vehicle and transmission. The caveat of this solution is that there is very little protection from putting excessive stress on the transmission components. Many vehicles that have similar transmission set ups have built in limiters for the shifter, unfortunately, the RX8 is lacking in this. Although the RX8 shifter has a built in plastic limiter, it isn't large enough to protect from damage to the transmission syncros.

  • Package Contents

    • RX8 Syncro Saver
    • 3 OEM Replacement Bolts
    • 2 Pan head hex bolts

  • Not Your Typical Installation...

    Before I got started, I expected to run into some issues given that the original design of this product was for a Series 1 RX8. Although most parts can be interchanged, there may be some modifications that need to be made. Another factor in this installation was that I have the Axial Flow Short Shifter installed.

    When I first started the install, I was immediately hit with an issue.

    If you look at the image above, there are two removable components to the axial flow shifter assembly. The item noted by the "1" is the plastic shift gate, while "2" is a little shim that goes between the shifter and the gate. The purpose of "2" is to prevent the shifter from vertical movement.

    The Syncro Saver is normally supposed to be installed without the plastic shift gate. The issue that I ran into is with the way the short shifter is designed, not having the plastic shift gate allows far too much vertical movement and later I realized that it also removed the reverse lock.

  • Trimming the Plastic Gate

    The alternative here is to start modifying the plastic shift gate. Using my own arsenal of sanders and drill bits I took some measurements and started to shave down the shift gate. The one thing that must be taken into account is the reverse lock. This is a small lip on the left hand side of the shift gate that prevents you from shifting into reverse without pressing the shifter down.

    Now what this added was the oem shift gate, but trimmed enough that it fits between the syncro saver and the transmission. To compensate for this added space, I had to run to the hardware store and get some slightly longer bolts.

  • Take into account the tunnel cover

    Once everything is installed, the last thing to worry about is getting the tunnel cover on, which isn't a walk in the park. Some people like to trim the boot so that it easily fits over the added size of the top of the transmission, but it is possible to get the boot on with some elbow grease.

  • Conclusion

    I absolutely love this thing! Once you install the saver and adjust the stops, you will be amazed with the new shift feel. Each gear makes a 'click' noise, and falls into place with a nice solid feel. I cannot wait to test out the new shifting confidence at the track. For the best price, contact the folks over at RX8 Performance.