2009 - 2011 AFE Short Shifter

  • Installing Axial Flow 2009-2011 Short Shifter

    Unique modifications for a Series 2 (2009-2011) RX8 are scarce, and the modifications that are available are generally foreign market parts and cost a lot of money. In an effort to bring more modifications to the Series 2 RX8, Engineers at Axial Flow Engineering (http://www.axialflow.com/) have developed a Short Throw Shifter. Documented on this page is a Do-It-Yourself tutorial that describes how to install the Short Shifter.

  • Package Contents

    • AFE Short Shifter
    • Spacer Plate (1)
    • Long Pins (2)
    • Long 13mm Bolts (4)
    • Plastic Dowel (1)*
    • Install Plate (1)*

    * These items are used only during installation

  • Preparing The Center Console

    The first step in the installation is to prepare the center console for the new shifter. The first step is to examine the center console and take note of the shift knob as this will need to be unscrewed. To do this, rotate the knob counter clockwise and unscrew.

    Once you have unscrewed the shift knob, you need to remove the tab that is securing the center console to the cup holder. This is easily done through the emergency brake tunnel. Simply stick your finger through the emergency brake hole, and push the tab out.

    Once the tab is removed, the center console can now be removed as well. This is held in place by a few clips. To remove the console without damaging the clips, simply stick your finger into the hole created by the tab you just removed. You should feel a clip immediately on the right of the hole, simply push up on the clip and you should feel the center console pop up. Gently start pulling up along the perimeter of the console until it comes off.