2009 - 2011 RX8 Gauge Pod - Routing Sender

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Routing The Sender Wires

If you have had any experience with installing a big audio system in your car, or anything that requires power directly from the battery, you will have an idea on how to get the wires through the firewall.  The sender wires are all similar lengths, and can be bundled together which makes it easier to route from the pod, across the steering column, and through the car's firewall.

If you look above the pedals, you will notice a rubber grommet at the top left of the firewall which is wrapped around the main car harness.  This part can be very dangerous if you do not take your time, so really get down in there, use a flashlight, and grab a small sharp knife.  The safest location to punch through the firewall grommet is the bottom right, farthest away from the wiring harness.  The photo below which is from a stereo installation over at the rx8club.com forums can give you an idea of what you are looking to do.  Take not how the large blue wire is going through the bottom right of the grommet.


Once you have punched a large enough hole, gently fish your wires through to the other side.  Don't worry about pushing the entire wire loom out as you can easily just pull it all out from the engine bay.  So next, pop the hood and look at the top right of the engine bay below the brake booster.  If you are lucky, you will see the wires you fished through right away.

Slowly pull the wires so that you have very little slack in the interior.  The only sender wire that will take the longest path will be the one that connects to the water adapter.