2009 - 2011 RX8 Gauge Pod - Wiring

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Power Wiring

Wiring is relatively easy if you have an add-a-circuit, some patience, and an extra set of hands.  Power wiring is very easy, because you can daisy chain all of the pods together. To successfully perform this task, you need long lengths of wire so that you can route power from the pod, down the stereo compartment, along the steering column, and then down to the fuse box.  There are only three wires that you should be routing, the one for the constant power, one for the ignition power, and the ground.  The dimmer wire will be going to another location so don't worry about that one for now.

Fuse Block

If you successfully routed the wires, the next thing you want to do is connect them to your add-a-circuit.  For the constant power, you want to connect your A-A-C to the Room fuse which is fuse #12, and the ignition power can be installed to fuse #1.  The ground wire can be installed anywhere that you have a bare piece of metal.  A lot of people try and use the bolt behind the cabin fuse box, but for me the nut would not ease off, so instead I used the bolts that secured the clutch to the frame of the vehicle.  The last wire that you need to connect is the dimmer wire, and unfortunately, there is nothing in the cabin fuse box that is only on when the dimmer is switched on, so instead, we can choose the easiest route and fish the wire from the pod, and over to the glove box.  The next thing I did was tap into the red wire on the light of the glove compartment since this light is turned on when the dimmer is on.