2009 - 2011 RX8 Gauge Pod

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Soon after I purchased the RX8, I realized it was quickly going to be come my favorite hobby, and after reading up a lot about the car, I knew that it was a car that would need a lot of attention to keep running like brand new, and that was something I was looking forward to.  In line with that thought, I wanted to know everything about the car, and to be able to monitor the critical items to make sure everything was in working order.  The car has the typical water temperature gauge, but anyone who has owned a car knows that the gauge operates in three modes ... off, on, and overheat.  Unlike its production rival the 350/70Z, the car didn't come with any oil pressure or temp gauges, or anything of that sort.

Prosport Gauges


After some research, I came across the Prosport company which has an amazing reputation.  It's gauges are made with quality parts, and are just as good as the more expensive brands.  After contacting the company and getting a great deal, I had to jump on the offer.  Pictured above is the water temp, oil temp, and oil pressure gauges, as well as the water temp sender adapter for the upper radiator hose.