RX8 Stereo Display Override - Preparation

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To start, we are going to need a few wiring diagrams, these can easily be found online.

The following is the audio harness for most Mazda models 2006 and up. There are only 6 pins we need to worry about.

Mazda Stereo Harness

Make note of the following pins:

1. Power 1B
2. Acc 1R
3. Can + 1O
4. Can - 1Q
5. Signal Ground 1W
6. Power Ground 1T

The next schematic that we need to make note of, is the wiring diagram for the OBD2 cable that we purchased from Amazon. Please note, there is a chance that another cable will have a different wiring scheme. These wires should abide by the standard, however, double check.

OBD2 Cable

Make note of the following wires:

1. Red
2. Black
3. Orange
4. Purple